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Wood Fiber Boards

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Wood Fiber Boards

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Wood Fiber Boards

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About us

Gswrap was created to integrate solutions for sealing, waterproofing, thermal and acoustic insulation that will create higher level building energy efficiencies. We provide extreme solutions (water,air,heat,light and noise) to maximize performance and lifetime of buildings.

Approximately 50% of the world’s energy requirements are consumed by heating and cooling buildings. This has an affect on the environment and it also accelerates climate change. Our goal is to stay committed to energy efficient buildings to stop this progression.

GSWRAP cares about honest and genuine products. The company started after years of research in natural and sustainable building systems. We can provide ecological insulation products for the entire building envelope (walls, roofs, interiors).

GSWRAP’s wood fiber insulations are the ideal solution to keep the house warm during the winter and – more importantly, cool during the summer. This is based on the high thermal storage capacity of GSWRAP’s insulation material. In the hot midday and early afternoon hours they absorb the warmth and act as a “buffer” delaying the hear progress. “The internal climate of building remains comfortable – without expensive air-conditioning…

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