GSWRAP wood fiber insulation sheets are the ideal solution to keep houses warm during the winter and more and more important – cool in the summer.

This is based on the especially high thermal storage capacity of GSWRAP’s insulation materials. In the hot midday and early afternoon hours, they absorb the warmth and act as a buffer delaying the heat progress.


The internal climate of building remains comfortable without expensive air conditioning. GSWRAP stands for health-promoting, natural wood fiber insulation system solutions for increased living quality in your own four walls. You do not see out wood fiber sheets after they have been installed, but you will notice their effects when sleeping, working or just in the course of your daily lives at home. An increasing amount of people are starting to take their responsibility for the future seriously and insulating their properties with suitable innovation systems has become a priority.

Mission of Wood Fiber Insulation:

1.Manages Moisture:

  • superior moisture resistance due to hydrophobic treatment

2. Effective in all seasons:

  • superior thermal storage capacity provides outstanding insulation against heat in the summer and cold in the winter.

3. Vapor Open

  • regulates humidity and is vapor diffusion permeable

4. Unmatched Acoustics 

  • improves acoustic insulation for all types of buildings

5. Durable 

  • stable R-Value – impact resistant

6. Recyclable and sustainable 

  • manufactured from wood, a sustainable natural resource

7. Safe

  • their high density prevents them from burning

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