Natural, ecological & effective insulation


GSWRAP Wood Fiber Insulation is a piece of nature in your home. Like nature itself it unfolds its positive effect on people. GSWRAP Wood Fiber Insulation also absorbs large quantities of carbon dioxide. This makes an important contribution to climate protection. Indoors, it regulates humidity and prevents mold. This creates a pleasant healthy indoor climate. Natural insulation from GSWRAP is an example of the successful connection between us, the people, and nature.

  • Mold Free Insulation

Innovative insulation systems make it possible for GSWRAP Wood Fiber Sheets to regulate the humidity balance in a room in a unique way. Any condensation water is absorbed within this natural insulation system and, due to its quick drying behavior, it is either returned to the room or transported outside by capillary action. Membrane barriers are not required.

The walls remain open to diffusion and breathable. The humidity is optimally regulated. This means that mold, has no chance.























  • At GSWRAP, we are committed to the environment.

Ecology is still very much in vogue. More and more people are paying attention to protecting the environment when they make purchases. A sensible attitude, especially when it comes to building products is important. After all, the materials we use to build out own four walls have an infuse on our well being and health for decades.

GSWRAP Wood Fiber Insulating materials bring a bit of Mother Nature into your home.


Wood is, by its very nature, a particularly energy efficient building materials. Even as a solid beam it insulates around 10 times better than concrete and 350 times better than steel.

Processed into GSWRAP Wood Fiber insulating materials, it delivers truly outstanding performance. The wood fiber encloses the smallest air chambers in the insulation sheets and thus guarantees excellent insulation – ideal for the construction of state of art energy saving buildings or for sophisticated renovations -.

In order to make planning happen, documents are available in the Passive House Certification Report with all construction details.


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