Singular building with ventilated Favemanc ceramic façade.

The ambitious project clad in Favemanc’s antibacterial ventilated ceramic facade is the “Bill & Melinda Gates Center for Computer Science”, funded by the Gates Foundation at the University of Washington in Seattle (USA).

Favemanc’s large ceramic extrusion capacity to create special parts has made it possible to manufacture a honeycomb plate designed specifically for this project. These are 40 mm thick honeycomb plates with enameled finish and antibacterial capacity thanks to the Active Plus development. The uniqueness of the plates demanded for this project has been that, from two models of plates, it was necessary to obtain up to eight variants depending on their surface, scratched or smooth, and enameled, matte or gloss finish.

The result obtained from the combination of all the variants has been what has made it possible for the light to reflect differently on the plates and create a unique play of tones and textures. In addition, the installation by vertical placement of the plates brings global verticality to the building.

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