Flexibility Highly flexible fleece
All weather friendly Weather tight
Highly adaptable Suitable for retrofit

Illbruck ME508 Duo Membrane EW/F 4

per roll

Part of illbruck’s intelligent membrane range, ME508 membranes are satisfactory for use to provide an external weathertight seal and an internal airtight seal, around newly installed window and door frames including assemblies within structural units of timber, plastics, masonry metal or concrete in new build or renovation situations.

ME508 provides excellent air tightness to Passivhaus standards whilst allowing water vapour to diffuse out to the exterior of the building, ensuring no moisture build up which can lead to mould and mildew. Strong and reliable self-adhesive, allowing bonding to virtually any substrate (eg masonry, concrete, PVC, metal, wood, and all usual insulation materials (EPS, XPS, PUR rigid foam), making application fast and simple. The combination of self-adhesives provide options for installing to the window frame edge (W) or face (E), providing air and weather tightness. For best results, should be used as part of the illbruck i3 window sealing system.

Safety data sheet must be read and understood before use.

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Technical specifications

3 rolls
70 boxes