Better living space Wholesome, comfortable living space, one in harmony with nature and the environment
Helps the building Keeps the building substance and structure permanently dry
Thanks to low thermal conductivity Provide outstanding protection against low winter temperatures and heat but also you provide excellent protection against hot summer temperatures

Udi Therm® NF

/ sq ft

Tongue and groove edges around the whole circumference.
Sound absorbent and vapor-permeable

UdiNF Wood-fibre insulation boards are offered as complete system solutions.
Areas of application include:
Façade insulation
Interior insulation
Insulating the ceilings of cellars


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Technical specifications

2,3,4,5 in
51 x 31 in
Apparent Density
ca. 210 kg/m³
Thermal Conductivity
Declared value λD
0.043 W/mK
Declared value λ
0.045 W/mK
Specific Enthalpy Capacity C
2100 J/kgK
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient µ