Manufactured from wood A sustainable natural resource
Consistently uniform board dimensions Makes installation quicker and easier
Regulates humidity It is also vapor diffusion permeable

Udi Reco® – Plaster

/ sq ft

In combination with our new adjustable fixings, it saves time and effort in the leveling of the substrate surface
– Adapts itself to uneven surfaces within a range of +/- 2 cm
– Tongue and groove around the whole circumference
– Sound-absorbing and vapor-permeable

UdiRecowood-fibre insulation boards are offered as a system solution.
– Façade insulation
– Interior insulation
– Insulating the ceilings of cellars


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Technical specifications

3-8 in
51x31 in
Apparent Density
Thermal Conductivity
Declared Value λD
0.038 // 0.048 W/mK
Declared Value λ
0.039 // 0.050 W/mK
Specific enthalpy capacity c
2100 J/kgK
Water vapour diffusion resistance coefficient µ
1/2 // 5