The humidity regulating mechanism Inherent to wood naturally prevents mold
Carpenters, farmers or roofers Can install the system using their usual techniques and equipment
Installs without problems Commercial or residential buildings which have different cladding

Udi Therm-Strong Commercial®

/ sq ft

– Vapor-permeable
– Pressure-resistant
– Improved heat shielding in the summer
– Ecologically harmless, environmentally-friendly and recyclable


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Technical specifications

.78,1,2,3,4 in
53 x 23 in
Softwood fiber, PVAc white glue for connecting the panel layers
Specific Enthalpy Capacity C
2100 J/ kg/ K
Declared Value λD
0,048 W/mK
Design Value λ
0,050 W/mK
Apparent Density
ca. 250 kg/m³
Compressive Strength
≥ 150 kPa