Patented tongue and groove joints Deliver dependable protection against rain and superb durability
Build with UDI Systems You provide for your family the best energy efficiency standards
Upgrading of insulation Upgrade in new and old buildings

Udi Unger-Diffutherm®

/ sq ft

These boards offer a professional, vapour-permeable solution for the external insulation of masonry walls and for timber constructions such as half-timbered buildings, timber-framed and panelled buildings, solid timber buildings and also for the internal insulation of exterior walls.
The permanent functionality of the wood-fibre boards is only guaranteed when used in conjunction with all the relevant and specially coordinated UdiCOATINGS and UdiACCESSORIES from our product range. Our systems provide an all-round protection for every masonry or timber-built building. The ingenious sandwich structure provides for a vapour-permeable, sound insulating and climate regulating wall construction that relieves surface tension in the plaster coating layer.


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